Pet Addendum to Rental Agreement Texas

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If you`re a pet owner looking to rent a property in Texas, you may be asked to sign a pet addendum to your rental agreement. This addendum is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant when it comes to keeping a pet on the property.

In Texas, landlords are allowed to charge a pet deposit or pet fee for allowing pets on their rental properties. However, they are not allowed to charge pet rent. The pet deposit or fee can be used to cover any damages caused by the pet or to cover the cost of cleaning the unit after the tenant moves out.

As a tenant, it`s important to read the pet addendum carefully and understand your responsibilities as a pet owner. Some common provisions in a pet addendum include:

1. Limitations on the number and size of pets allowed on the property.

2. Requirements for vaccination and licensing of the pet.

3. Rules for the disposal of pet waste.

4. Restrictions on certain types of pets, such as aggressive breeds or exotic animals.

5. Provisions allowing the landlord to terminate the lease if the tenant violates any of the pet-related provisions.

It`s also important to note that a pet addendum does not override any local or state laws that may protect tenants` rights to own pets. For example, tenants with disabilities may be allowed to have an emotional support animal or service animal, even if the rental agreement or pet addendum prohibits pets.

If you`re a pet owner looking to rent in Texas, make sure to ask about any pet-related policies or requirements before signing a rental agreement. And if you`re a landlord, it`s important to have a clear and enforceable pet addendum in place to protect your property and your tenants.