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Wedding Agreement: Understanding the Intriguing Intrinsic Elements of the Novel

Wedding Agreement is a novel that has gained popularity in Indonesia in recent years. This romantic novel by Mia Chuz is known for its captivating story and intriguing characters. However, what makes it stand out among other romance novels is its emphasis on the intrinsic elements that make up the story. In this article, we will explore the intrinsic elements of Wedding Agreement and why they are important in creating a compelling and memorable novel.

1. Theme

The theme of Wedding Agreement is love. It explores the different forms of love, including romantic love, familial love, and self-love. The novel shows how these different forms of love intersect and how they can influence each other. The theme of love is a universal one that resonates with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

2. Setting

The setting of Wedding Agreement is Jakarta, Indonesia. The author does an excellent job of describing the city and its culture, which adds depth and authenticity to the story. The setting also plays a role in the story`s conflicts, as the characters must navigate the expectations and traditions of their society while trying to follow their hearts.

3. Plot

The plot of Wedding Agreement is centered around the arranged marriage between the main characters, Tari and Bian. The plot is well-constructed, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The conflicts and obstacles that arise throughout the novel are realistic and relatable, which makes the story engaging and suspenseful.

4. Characters

The characters in Wedding Agreement are well-developed and multidimensional. Tari, the protagonist, is a strong-willed and independent woman who is reluctant to enter into an arranged marriage. Bian, the male lead, is a successful businessman who is forced to marry Tari to honor his grandfather`s dying wish. The supporting characters, such as Tari`s best friend and Bian`s family members, add depth and complexity to the story.

5. Style

The style of Wedding Agreement is simple and straightforward, which makes it easy to read and understand. The author uses descriptive language to create vivid imagery, which helps readers visualize the setting and characters. The dialogue between the characters is also well-written and realistic, which adds to the novel`s authenticity.

In conclusion, Wedding Agreement is a novel that stands out for its emphasis on the intrinsic elements that make up a compelling story. The theme of love, setting, plot, characters, and style all come together to create a memorable and enjoyable reading experience. Whether you are a fan of romance novels or just looking for a good book to read, Wedding Agreement is definitely worth checking out.