Camping Tirana is managed by the family Hyka. The family has decades of experience in  tourism after having worked for several years in this sector in Italy. Bashkim Hyka returned to Albania in 2008 and, eager to show off his country, he began to organize through Albania.  He experienced quickley that for alternative travelling as for example for campers, there was a need for an organized structure, especially in the neigbourhood of the capital. He decided to start up a Camping near Tirana.
Situated in full countryside in the hills around the village of Kashar, some 15 km west of Tirana , Camping Tirana is the ideal place for those who want to visit Albania and the perfect starting point for exscursions to Tirana and to Kruja, considering that both cities have considerable traffic and parking problems.
Moreover, Camping Tirana is  located just 100 meters from Lake Kusit offering possibilities for swimming, fishing and even for making boat trips.
The camp is equipped with toilets, showers, sinks, electrical connections, water supply, water discharge and wireless internet.
Tourist activities:
•    Arrangements for trips to the capital Tirana and to Kruja and, if required, to other parts of Albania.
•    Bike rental.
•    Excursions in Jeep 4×4 for the more adventurous.

Characteristics that make camping Tirana unique.

Possibility to taste the distillates of the house (real specialty of the Hyka family) and the local cuisine.

Since centuries, members of the family have been working in tobacco production. We will be glad to share with our guests the various moments of gathering and processing the tobacco. This is a fascinating opportunity to see activities that have almost disappeared.
Another unique feature is the “vineyards with bayonets” … yes, you read that right but do not worry, the explanation is quite simple. After he broke up the relations with China, dictator Hoxha was convinced that the country would be attacked by other countries and therefore he built hundreds of thousand of bunkers to be used as defense. But not happy with only the bunkers,  he also thought of clearing many areas of the country to better control the enemy. On those cleared areas, large vineyards were created to supply Raki (distilled grape loved by the Albanians) and to increase protection against attacks of paratroopers, a bayonet was inserted in each pole that held the wires to lead the plants ! In respect of the historical memory, we wanted to leave things untouched. The “outdoor museum of Bayonets” was so born. By this, the “mystery” is unraveled.